Lori speaks on the food, wine and culture of Israel as well as hosting Israeli speakers. She also offers Israeli cuisine demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes and Israeli Wine Tastings for a fun way to engage your group. Lori is the Founder and Director of A Taste Of Israel and CookLearnGrow, a cooking and food literacy for children school based in Austin, TX. She is a member of Les Dames Escoffier, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs and IACP.

April 24, 7pm: Private Presentation on “Israel, a small place doing big things”

May 22, 7pm:  Bible Study in Austin, TX on “The Good & Evil of Wine” presented by Rabbi Pesach Wolicki from Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation, Jerusalem, IL. Open to the public. Limited spaces, please RSVP to atasteofisrael@gmail.com