The Israel Bible

The Israel Bible is the bible you need. The three images on the cover, May 14, 1948, June 6, 1967 and the coming Third Temple, are the first clue of the uniqueness of this game changer in bibles. This is the only bible that includes The Land of Israel as a modern nation which is proof of God’s promises to fulfill prophecy as part of His grand plan of Redemption and Restoration of all things starting with The People and The Land of Israel.


  • If you are a student of biblical prophecy, you need this bible.
  • If you need a bible that connects ancient prophecies with modern events proving the fulfillment of those ancient prophecies, you need this bible.
  • If you need a connection to the modern nation of Israel, you need this bible.
  • If you desire to learn the Lord’s language, Hebrew, and study in it’s original biblical context, you need this bible.  

Rabbi Tuly Weisz’s, The Israel Bible, is a disruptor among bible translations. His eloquent writing style and revolutionary connection made between ancient written prophecy and it’s modern day fulfillment is stunning. Brilliant to include such incredible evidence of the promises of God on the very pages it was first written.  Comprehensive and interactive, this bible fills the time gap like no other translation. It truly leaves the reader inspired and in complete awe. Exciting times to be alive with this inspiring look to the future redemption of Israel and the world.

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