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Israel Tour Registraiton Form

  • Please complete this form and then you will be directed to the payments page. After payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming your spot on the upcoming tour to Israel with ATOI.

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Traveler Information

  • The following are the terms and conditions of all tours arranged by A Taste of Israel (“ATOI”). Deposits and Payments: A nonrefundable deposit is required at time of reservation in the amount of $500 USD per traveler. The remaining balance is due 90 days before first day of the tour. A damage deposit of $150 USD will also be payable at time of payment of remaining balance. This damage deposit will be refundable 30 days after the completion of the tour if no property damage is attributable to actions of the traveler. Payments not made in accordance with these provisions will result in a cancellation of your reservation and any amounts paid are non-refundable. Tours are offered as land packages only. “Travelers” are responsible for booking flights and paying their airfare. Cancellation Fees: We understand that plans sometimes change. In the event a Traveler or ATOI needs to cancel, ATOI will cancel all travel arrangements made by ATOI on behalf of Traveler and pay any applicable cancellation fees to vendors. Any remaining balance will be refunded to Traveler within 30 days of the cancellation.   The following cancellation terms apply: If the trip is cancelled from 60 to 89 days before tour start date, your refund will be 50% of program price, less any applicable cancellation fees paid to vendors. If the trip is cancelled from 31 to 59 days before tour start date, your refund will be 25% of program price, less any applicable cancellation fees paid to vendors. If the trip is cancelled 30 days or less before tour start date, your payment is not refundable, less any applicable cancellation fees paid to vendors. All cancellation notices must be made by email ( or in writing to A Taste of Israel; PO Box 92076, Austin, TX 78709. Passports: Travelers are solely responsible for having valid passport documents for their trips. ATOI bears no responsibility for absence of such documents or for incorrectly issued documents, including incorrect entry and exit dates on visas and incorrect number of entries. ATOI is not responsible for actions of consulates and border authorities that may prevent Travelers from starting or continuing their trips. Travelers must provide ATOI a copy of your passport at least 3 months prior to their travel date. Israel requires that your passport have an expiration date not less than 6 months after your date of arrival in Israel. Airport Transfers: ATOI provides one hotel transfer from airport on a specified date at a specified time and one departure transfer to airport on a specified date at a specified time. Travelers who are unable, for any reason, to make these scheduled arrival and departure transfer times are responsible for transfer from the airport to the hotel upon arrival and to the airport upon departure at their own expense. Air Transportation ATOI has no responsibility for any airline delays or missed flights and is not responsible for any associated airline charges. It is solely up to the traveler to ensure they are present at the time the tour starts. Itineraries, Changes and Price Increases ATOI will not refund any amount paid by any Traveler who must leave a tour prematurely for any reason including costs of lodgings, meals, return transportation or other expenses prepaid by such Travelers.  ATOI will also not be responsible for any other expenses incurred by Traveler in connection with their premature departure from the tour itinerary ATOI reserves the right to alter the itinerary as it deems necessary or desirable, in its sole discretion. If a Traveler elects to take an alternative mode of transportation at any time during the tour, the Traveler will be solely responsible for all costs associated with their choice. Luggage:  We strongly recommend travelers bring only a backpack and a carryon.  Bring less than you think you need. This allows more freedom and removes the risk of lost luggage and slowing the group down.  For travelers who check luggage, please check with your airline as all airlines have specific requirements with regard to the size and weight of checked bags. Travel Risks There are certain inherent risks in traveling. These include, but are not limited to, hiking, climbing injuries, altitude sickness, dangers of animals, inaccessibility to medical attention, and difficulty in evacuation from remote locations in the event of a medical emergency. The Traveler assumes all such risks with regard to these possibilities. Travel Insurance: ATOI recommends and highly encourages all of its travelers to obtain travel insurance. In event of trip cancellation or interruption, this may be the only source of reimbursement.  Allianz is a well know resource for your travel insurance needs. Their website is:  By declining to purchase travel protection, Travelers assume all financial losses associated with this trip which otherwise may be covered by travel protection. Travel Advisories/Warnings It is the responsibility of the Traveler to become informed about the most current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the appropriate travel advisories issued by their country. For the United States, this includes the State Department's travel website at, also available by phone at 1-888-407- 4747. In the event an active Travel Warning against travel to the specific destination location(s) of the trip is issued by the Traveler’s home country and the Traveler elects to travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory or warning, the Traveler assumes all risk of personal injury, death, or property damage that may arise out of events, such as those advised or warned against.  In the event a Travel Warning is issued and Traveler elects not to travel, Travelers will receive a refund of all amounts paid by them to ATOI less non-refundable amounts paid by ATOI to its agents on Traveler’s behalf. Traveler’s Representations The Traveler represents that neither he nor she nor anyone traveling with him or her has any physical or other condition or disability that could create a hazard to himself or herself or other Travelers. ATOI reserves the right to decline acceptance of anyone on a trip. ATOI reserves the right to remove from the trip, at the Traveler’s sole expense, anyone whose condition is such that he or she could create a hazard to the Traveler or others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of other Travelers on the trip. Arbitration Agreement Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating in any way to these Terms and Conditions, to the Itinerary, or any information relating in any way to the trip, or to the trip itself, shall be settled solely and exclusively by binding arbitration in the U.S. State of Texas, in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Association then existing. Disclaimer ATOI and/or its agents act only as agents for the Travelers in making arrangements for hotels, touring, ground transportation, restaurants or any other services in connection with the itinerary. ATOI will exercise reasonable care in making such arrangements. However, ATOI does not assume any liability for any injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, pilferage, terrorism, weather, acts of God, or any other cause beyond ATOI’s control to Traveler or their property for any reason. The tour programs are planned in advance. If between planning time and the actual tour operation, circumstances beyond control require changes, ATOI reserves the right to vary itineraries and substitute parts of the tour program. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable for any reason to alter arrangements to the itinerary, such alterations may be made without penalty to ATOI or any of its agents. ATOI reserves the right to accept or refuse any person as a member of the tour. All arrangements made for Travelers with independent contractors and agents, including medical services, are made solely for convenience to Travelers and are done at the Travelers’ own expense and risk. ATOI specifically disclaims all liability for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering, or psychological injury of any kind. By registering with ATOI, you agree that the Group Leader(s), Guides and ATOI have no responsibility for any acts or omission of the travel suppliers during the trip. We have no special knowledge regarding the financial conditions of the suppliers, unsafe travel conditions, health hazards or weather hazards at locations traveled. A pre-trip information packet will be emailed approximately 4 weeks before departure. I hereby assume all risks, responsibility or danger incidental to any portion of or the entire trip and traveler(s) agree not to bring any legal action against A Taste of Israel, the owner, employees, volunteers, partners or sponsors in connection with such risk or danger so assumed. Photographs and/or video may be shot during the tour for the purpose of publicizing A Taste of Israel. Traveler's agreement (indicated by checking the box where so indicated below) on this registration form authorizes the use of traveler's likeness in this manner.
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