My First Trip To Israel

My first trip to Israel in 2014 was a game changer for my path in life. I was not prepared for what I experienced. Yes, it was definitely the expected spiritual pilgrimage but it was much more than that. Much, much more.

The picture below is the famous promenade in Tel Aviv overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It was at that very spot that I realized, in an almost surreal way, that everything was really about that land and those people.  

Israel and The Jews.

It is the place of creation, the most contested piece of real estate in the world and the miraculous proof of God’s promises to return His people to their ancestral land. The only people that have been repeatedly singled out and targeted for annihilation since their very beginning and to this very day, thousands of years later.

But here they are, living, breathing, thriving and making the world a better place! It’s THE single most inspiring place and people on the planet.

Everywhere I looked, I witnessed life! Families picnicking, beachgoers of all ages, shopping, a vibrant metropolitan city that leads the world in technology. Thanks to Israel, they are global leaders in technology, medicine, agriculture, innovation and so much more.

Did you know?

Did you know Israelis invented the computer, the cell phone and the flashdrive? (and so much more!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg about my spiritual awakening in a practical and unique way that changed my life forever.

As a chef, I see everything through a lens of food & wine. So naturally, I’m always interested in the culinary scene of any place I visit.  Once again, I was not prepared for what I experienced with the food and wines of Israel. 

Mind blowing.

And I’m not talking about the hotel buffets. 

This is where A Taste Of Israel was born.  It was at this very spot in Tel Aviv, standing on the promenade, I received my mission to share with the world what is going on in Israel from a unique perspective…through food and wine. It is the hub of Israeli culture from award winning wines to biblical festivals, food and wine play a central role in all of it.


Yes, Italy and France have amazing food and wine but they don’t have the history, the spirituality, the innovation or spirit of Israel.

There is NO PLACE that can compare to Israel. Nowhere.

Israel has soulfood like you’ve never experienced.