My First Meal In Israel

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love trying the local favorites when I visit new places. So when I took my first trip to Israel, I was really looking forward to learning about their breakfast dishes. You know, eggs, toast, fruit, coffee.

So Funny!

Hahahahaha, I’m laughing at me because I was so naive to think the Israeli breakfast would be that plain. No my friend, the Israeli Breakfast is way more than eggs, toast, fruit and coffee.  The sheer amount and variety of the Israeli breakfast will knock you over.  Breakfast is the meal they are famous for! 

Eggs, Fish, Cheeses, Peppers, Israeli Salad, Veggies, Hummus, Bread, Muffins, Toast, Pita, Croissants, Yogurt, Fruit, Jam, Nuts, Olives, Juice, Coffee, Tea, on and on…it’s like drinking from a fire hose. Which is how I typically describe everything about Israel and I just can’t get enough of it.

Israel’s Famous Dish

Now that you have an idea of breakfast in Israel, let me share with you THE most popular Israeli breakfast dish: SHAKSHUKA! pronounced, [Shahck-SHOO-Kuh].

The most comforting and delicious dish I’ve ever eaten for breakfast. Peppers and tomatoes stewed down to a thick sauce topped with sunnyside eggs that adds a delectable layer of richness once the yolk breaks and oozes into the peppers and tomatoes. Add to that, your favorite toppings and served with a side of the famous Israeli Salad and warm bread.

From home cooked versions to fancy hotels, this dish is cooked all across the country, each putting their signature twist on the toppings. 

I was blessed to be able to take my first bite of the famous Shakshuka (topped with feta and chives) at a hotel on the beach overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean one gorgeous sunny morning in May 2014. The location, the view, the weather, the meal itself…everything about it was more than I imagined…it was absolute perfection. 

The famous Israeli Shakshuka was my very first meal on my very first trip to Israel, another captivating moment that I will never forget. Click here for a 4 minute video about that trip.

Recipe Sharing!

Please enjoy the Shakshuka recipe below. Or better yet, join me on my next trip to Israel in May because the only thing better than cooking Shakshuka is eating Shakshuka in Israel: it is food for your body and soul.