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Fake governments will cause truth and justice to prevail

In my last post, I said it looks like the ball is being put into Israel’s political and military court by the hand of God. With the events of last week, things are in high gear, full throttle ahead. Yesterday Before we look at today, it is critical that we look at yesterday, at history […]

A Shift In Thinking

Greetings from a year and half hiatus. Since my last post, the world has changed. Forever. I’ve been posting my thoughts on FB but I suspect my days there are numbered. So, with great peace and lots to say, I’m returning to my blog because everything that is happening is really about Israel. We may […]

Galilee Visit, part 2

Galilee Visit, part 2 Last May, we visited Magdala, a very special place on the western coastline of the Kinneret. Magdala is the hometown of Mary Magdalene and now home to a beautiful new project initiated by Father Juan Solana of the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center. His vision for Magdala is to highlight the ministry of Yeshua […]

A Visit To The Galilee

Soul Satisfying Ahhhh, the Galilee Region.  Quiet, slowed pace, pastoral views.  A stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The perfect place to retreat to. Home to what is known by the locals as the Kinneret (Key-nair-et), the Sea of Galilee is really not a sea at all. It’s a fresh […]

A Visit To Haifa

Situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel along the coast just north of Caesarea, Haifa is Israel’s 3rd largest city after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Israel’s port city, Haifa is where the export/import worlds meet.

The Breads of Israel

I always tell my nieces, nephew and students that homemade or artisan made bread is the good life. Adding butter makes it a divine life, ha! Seriously though Bread goes far beyond physical sustenance. It has a level of spirituality that other foods don’t. Along with wine, bread is one of the key elements of religious ceremonies like the weekly Sabbath and communion. […]

The Wines of Israel

Wine has always played an important role in the history of mankind; religious elements, celebrations and even enjoyed for health benefits.  But have you ever considered wine to have spiritual elements or even more…a necessary element to a biblical lifestyle?  Read this short article I wrote about it for United with Israel. Then there’s always […]

The Sabbath Table

The Sabbath Table changed my life. Actually it was waking up to the Sabbath itself that changed my life. Waking up. The short version is almost 10 years ago, while doing a women’s bible study, one of the topics was on the Sabbath. Honestly, my first thought when I read about the upcoming topic was, […]

Foodie Tour of Israel

One of my absolute favorite experiences that I’ve recently started doing is bringing my travelers on a Foodie Tasting Tour of Jerusalem’s famous Shuk, Mahane Yehuda. It’s Israel’s version of a farmer’s market but with more depth and soul. With our friendly local guide, we taste and learn our way through this famous market and the […]

My First Meal In Israel

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love trying the local favorites when I visit new places. So when I took my first trip to Israel, I was really looking forward to learning about their breakfast dishes. You know, eggs, toast, fruit, coffee. So Funny! Hahahahaha, I’m laughing at me because I […]